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Hangout’s moderation system!

A rolling stone gathers no moss, nor do Hangout developer ever rest… we present to you the new and improved moderation system.

Gradual sanctions

The biggest change in comparison to the old moderation system is that most of the sanctions are now gradual. The new ban chart progresses like so:

1-      Alert

2-      1 hour mute

3-      18 hour ban

4-      7 days ban

5-      30 days ban I

6-      30 days ban II

7-      Permanent ban


From now on, one offense will move you one step ahead on the above chart, so you will want to be careful how you act in the hotel – especially if you’re in the latter stages of the gradual system!

ATTENTION: Our moderation team will still use tougher sanctions for more severe misbehaviour! You can check the Hangout Way here .

Probation time

Sanctioned users are given a 30–60 day long probation period, which starts the moment the sanction ends. Once the probation time comes to an end, a Hangout user’s ban record gets wiped clean.

The 30 day probation period applies to users who have had one of the following sanctions imposed upon them:

  • Alert
  • 1 hour mute
  • 18 hours ban
  • 7 days ban

The 60 day probation period applies to users who have had at least one of the following sanctions imposed upon them:

  • 30 days ban I
  • 30 days ban II

Where to check your current sanction status

You can check your sanction record and remaining probation time by simply clicking the ”Help” button in the top right corner of the screen and proceeding to “My sanction status”.

Reporting a misbehaving user

You can report another user for being out of line by clicking the “Help” button on the top right corner of the screen, clicking “Someone is misbehaving” and then choosing the category that best fits the situation. You can find more tips for handling uncomfortable situations here.

Sending false reports is sanctionable from now on!

We want to provide our users with the very best moderation service and this means our moderation team needs to be able to concentrate on handling the real and legitimate reports that require intervention. This is why sending illegitimate or false reports that unnecessarily burden our moderation system will be sanctionable from now on. Illegitimate or false reports are CFHs sent for trolling, bullying or another way of misusing the reporting system. In the future, you will be able to keep reporting someone intentionally doing harm to others or themselves but just keep in mind that if you repeatedly make calls for help without good reason, you can be punished.

I was given a groundless sanction, what can I do?

After you have been given a sanction, every now and then when you log into the hotel, you will get a pop-up reminding you about your current ban chart position. The pop-up contains the following information:

  • Start time for the last sanction
  • Reason for the last sanction
  • Probation days left
  • Next sanction to be expected.



Kindly take into account that you can also be muted by Ambassadors and Guardians. 


Do alerts and mutes given by Guardians or Ambassadors affect my ban chart?

No. Only sanctions give by the moderation team will have an effect on your ban chart.


How can I contact Hotel Staff if I can't use the moderation tool?

You can reach the Hotel Staff members by writing to them directly in the hotel chat.  Kindly do not use the reporting tool for trying to reach Hotel Staff members, since it is meant only for urgent issues requiring our help.