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Release your inner creative writer!

Welcome to Hangout's Story of the Week!

hosted by Suggi

Are you an aspiring writer? Do you have stories to tell?

Welcome to the first edition of Story of the Week (SOTW)!

Hello aspiring writers! Story of the Week or SOTW is a weekly showcase of literary talent where we discover fresh stories every single week. It is our job to showcase all the great stories our aspiring writers want to tell, and this is the chance to release your inner creative writer!


Before we start announcing the winners, I would like to congratulate and thank everyone for a successful first edition of Story of the Week. All of your entries are wonderful, it touched my heart so much and I cannot be more grateful. Hope I see you all on another edition, you all did great and I'm proud of you all.

Before deciding the winning entries, we take a look on the following objectives;

Grammar, Technicality to rules, Relevance to the theme and Overall construction of the story.

Now let's start announcing the winning entries!

The story of the week goes to...


(The Farewell Speech)

This story captivated me from start to finish. The way it was told got you wanting to read it more, interested on the hows and whys of the story, but in the end what really made this story sold as the winning entry is what the story had to offer in the end, and what it threw to us as its capstone. You will feel the happiness, the love and its reason with this story.

Other than the winning entries, we award these two runner-up entries for coming so close!

The first runner up entry goes to...

(#1) Dyosa

(Love is...)

This work is like a Taylor Swift song, it makes you feel things. It got you all worked up and hoping for a good ending but alas, not all stories have good endings. It all feels like an anecdotal entry that's just full of broken promises and heartbreaks that makes love such a difficult concept to grasp because as we know, love is not always peaceful.

The second runner up entry goes to...

(#2) Juno

(My Kind of Art)

The title already speaks for itself. This poem almost clinched the spot as well for its masterful use of words, you can just feel the description as if it's a song that's meant to be sung. From the title and the piece itself, you can tell that this is how love is for this writer, and it just proves that no matter who you are, you are someone's love and that you are lovable in your own special way.


Read all the entries for this week by clicking HERE:

This week's theme is... FREEDOM!

It's the month of freedom. I want our aspiring writers to write a story/poem about being free from anything you can think of. Free from being enslaved, free from your past, tell a story/poem on the concept of freedom. Work your magic and goodluck!

The week's winning entry will receive:

A special badge fitting for the winner of SOTW.

1,000,000 credits, 100 HPoints, 20 GOTW!

Also a rare wearable and trophy given by Event Staff!

In addition to the winning entry, two runner-up entries will be given:

50,000 credits, 50 HPoints, 10 GOTW, and a trophy given by Event Staff!

And lastly, there will be two honourable mentions with a prize of:

10,000 credits, 10 Hpoints, 5 GOTW!

Take note that these rules are strictly implemented!

  • Only ONE entry per user.
  • Poems are included because poems are also stories.
  • Must follow the theme given this week.
  • All entries must follow a word count of a minimum-maximum of 100-1,000 words.
  • Your entries may be in English, or Filipino!
  • All entries must be uploaded to Pastebin and Google Documents and provide the link in the submittion page.
  • AVOID having Sexual-related content (Pornographic content)
  • DO NOT encourage the use of offensive language!
  • DO NOT copy other works! (Originality is one of the criteria!)

Please click HERE to submit your entries!

Deadline is June 22, 2020 8:00 PM (GMT+8)


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on the hotel or through discord! Suggi (suggi#8292)

We're looking forward to seeing your entries this time. Good luck!