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Are you an active player who likes to play games? Do you like competing on a leaderboard? Well GOTW is for you.

Gamer of the Week or GOTW — is a fierce battle among active Hangout Citizens who participates in official events hosted/supervised by Hangout Hotel’s Staff Team. It's a contest held weekly to determine the winner. Everyone is free to participate in joining the competitive battle and eligible for garnering points. The main purpose of this category is to acknowledge active Hangout Citizens for showing their utmost support for our official events to keep the retro-hotel interesting and entertaining as ever.


GOTW points are earned by users every time they win an event game hosted or supervised by Hangout's Staff Team. The amount of GOTW points received per user are dependent on the type of game hosted; the longer and more intense the game is, the larger the GOTW points are given in each game. 

The maximum number of events hosted in a day is indefinite, so are number of points you can receive in each day thus we promote users to actively join event games to collect a lot of GOTW points for their pleasure. The users who have higher points collected than other users are featured on the leaderboard that can be viewed in the Hotel View. However points for Gamer of the Week expire as the leaderboard for GOTW resets every week.

Other than collecting GOTW points for the purpose of being on top of the leaderboard, you can use your GOTW points to buy exclusive rares from the catalog under the category of GOTW Shop where all rares you cannot simply buy with credits or diamonds, are available to buy.

Your GOTW points are deducted if you buy from the GOTW shop, however this will not affect your standing in the official leaderboard as by the end of the week the staff will total out all GOTW points you have collected/earned in a separate tallyboard, instead of the GOTW points you have remaining. So you can buy as much using the GOTW points but we will only count your total earnings throughout the week.

The user who accumulated the most points at the end of the week will be crowned Gamer of the Week!

The winner of GOTW will receive the following prizes:

150 000 Credits, 300 Diamonds, 2 LTDS,  1 Trophy and 1 Exclusive Badge

The rules and regulation for maintaining GOTW points and being on the leaderboard is simple. All players must maintain a clean record throughout the week, and must have sportmanship conduct in all events held this week.

Anyone caught behaving with misconduct (bullying, unwarranted hate comments, over-spamming for no reason, cheating, etc.) and overriding the donations will be suspended from all events and GOTW for the whole week.

Another rule is that all GOTW points earned by the player resets every week during Saturday 12:00 PM. So make sure to collect a lot while the week lasts to get a spot on the leaderboard and so you can acquire the rares you like!

In addition, you are NOT ALLOWED to donate your GOTW points anymore!

A week has passed and we now have our WINNER in the GOTW spreadsheet, with 225 points...


   M A R L    

Please approach Admin Managers to claim your prize!

Goodluck everyone! Make sure to tuned in on future events and see you there our future players! Stay virtually immersed!

If you have any questions or issues you would like to raise about GOTW, please contact Hadees (Drex#1236)