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Special Thanks to:

Raizer, Metus, Krews Family, last but definitely not the least TheGeneral.

And all Hangout's ♥

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HOTW Season2
New Year, New Season!

As many of you were expecting, the staff team has decided to introduce to you our




The staff team knows how capable the users are in this Hotel and has decided to make a competition out of it. We are looking for someone extra-ordinary! Someone who checks out on the following:

- Active User

- Online time

- Achievements

- Highscores leaderboards

- Engages on events

- Has a clean record

- Friendly and helpful user

We're gonna be monitoring users starting this week, making sure that everyone would be participating with a fair play.


150 000 Credits, 300 Diamonds, 2 LTDS,  1 Trophy and 1 Exclusive Badge


Gamer of the Week or GOTW — is a fierce battle among active Hangout Citizens who participates in official events hosted/supervised by Hangout Hotel’s Staff Team. It's a contest held weekly to determine the winner. Everyone is free to participate in joining the competitive battle and eligible for garnering points. The main purpose of this category is to acknowledge active Hangout Citizens for showing their utmost support for our official events to keep the retro-hotel interesting and entertaining as ever.

The user who accumulated the most points at the end of the week will be crowned Gamer of the Week!

Stay virtually competitive and immersed!


150 000 Credits, 300 Diamonds, 2 LTDS,  1 Trophy and 1 Exclusive Badge


Room of the Week , or ROTW, is a weekly article contest where you get to create a room based on what the theme of the week it is. It’s an exciting way to show off your talented building skills as well as win.

The contest between the best builders of Hangout!

Modern Villa

Please name your room: HROTW#1 (Name of Entry)

Please follow this format so we can find your room! 

Deadline is January 16, 2020 8:00 PM (GMT+8) SATURDAY

Click here to submit and follow the necessary steps in submitting.



300 000 Credits, 500 Diamonds, 2 LTDS,  1 Trophy and 1 Exclusive Badge


200 000 Credits, 300 Diamonds, 1 LTD, and 1 Trophy 


100 000 Credits, 500 Diamonds, 1 LTD, and 1 Trophy 


OOTW is a weekly competition where users are given the opportunity to shine by joining our live on the spot best outfits according to each week's theme!

It's time to show of your creativity!


100 000 Credits, 200 Diamonds, 1 LTD,  1 Trophy and 1 Exclusive Badge

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on the hotel or through discord! Ja (ja#3946)